Dice Wisdom* is an entirely new method of divination using two regular dice!

Dice Wisdom is based on the book, Chancing Life, Wisdom in a Dice Toss, written by Las Vegas psychic, Mona Van Joseph. The book was published in hard copy in 2004 and is available on Amazon.com. Now it's available as an app for your iPhone and Android!

With this delightful app, you can get instant answers to your most pressing and personal questions. Hold your phone in your right hand. Clear your mind and concentrate on a question. With your left index finger, press the ASK button and the dice will be rolled for you. The answer to your question will appear. Ask a question anytime you wish a little extra encouragement. Have a tough meeting ahead? Roll the dice for a little thoughtful grounding. Enjoy Dice Wisdom as part of your morning ritual for daily motivation. Easy to use, accurate, and thought provoking, this app provides you with the exact attitude, tool, or action that will encourage the most beneficial outcome of your question.

Go ahead and roll the dice, your life only gets better from here.

"Ms. Van Joseph makes the age-old practice of connecting to one's higher self in order to receive guidance and counsel as easy as a roll of the dice! With clear, concise explanations for each combination of numbers, you can quickly and easily connect with the divine energy that guides us all through our life journeys for advice and direction." -- Paul

"Here I was thinking this was just a fun, cheap, portable way to help me to get answers to my questions, and for entertainment..... and the more I throw the dice, the more impressed I am with how close the answers I get are related to my questions.... and how helpful and accurate the advice and answers I am getting from these dice and this book are. I was kind of naive about the history of dice and did not realize that they could be such a powerful divination tool." -- Amazon Reviewer

"I've been practicing divination for 14 years now. I use Tarot cards, runes, oracle cards, geomancy, and crystals. I started using this book to do divination with dice about a year ago, and now I use it daily for myself. This is a great form of divination for someone who's reading for himself/herself. It could definitely be used for others, but rolling the dice seems to bring a certain kind of clarity to your own life. I highly recommend this for beginners in divination and experienced practitioners alike!" -- Ginny

*Though the answers provided with the Dice Wisdom app are compelling, you possess free will and you are ultimately responsible for the quality of your life. The author and contributing organizations are not responsible for your decisions, choices, or actions. The Dice Wisdom app is intended for your entertainment and consideration.
Website: Tracy Berna | App Illustration: Amber Mayes | App development: Raster Media